VOLUNTEER MENTORS – Mentoring Support Programme (Looked After Children)

Regional service (all over Northern Ireland)

Being a volunteer mentor means supporting a young person on their journey to gaining new skills and experience, becoming more self-confident and achieving their goals. Becoming a Mentor with Extern is a unique opportunity to help a young person achieve their potential at school, in their communities and at work.

What will I be doing?

Working with young people to identify personal goals, objectives and supporting them in achieving these.

What skills or experience do I need?

Being non-judgemental, able to show respect and maintain the dignity of the individual
Being an effective listener and communicator with a young person
Ability to maintain confidentiality for the individual, based on Extern policy
Having the ability to maintain records of progress
Showing commitment to participate in training and supervision sessions

How much time do I need to give?

The young person and the mentor meet on a regular basis (generally once per week). Each mentoring relationship usually lasts for approximately 6 months.

What are the benefits of becoming a mentor?

Our mentors have highlighted to us a huge range of ways in which mentoring has positively impacted their lives. Through mentoring you can:

• play a role in transforming a young person’s life
• develop your skills
• become more aware of the realities of the area you live in
• feel better connected to your community
• expand your networks through meeting other mentors.

What support will I be given?

All volunteer mentors will be given training. Mentors will also receive ongoing support from the mentoring coordinator and the project manager.

How do I find out more?

To get involved and help make a real difference to a young persons life, please contact Lauren on 0748 3428 576 or email lauren.bailie@extern.org

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