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Giving back and acting in the common good has always been prevalent in the business community – long before we ever heard of the term CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility. And it’s not only large corporations but small businesses all over the country have for decades supported local charities, schools and the most vulnerable groups in society. This support in turn strengthens the communities in which their businesses operate and their employees live.

Extern and you… Why companies like to work alongside us.

Extern, as the leading social justice charity on the island of Ireland, has been changing lives for 40 years.
We believe that EVERYONE can make a positive contribution to society, and that EVERYONE should be enabled to do so.
So that’s what we strive to do every single day. And it works.

Changing Lives

Last year we supported over 15,000 people to make a difference in their lives, with the ripple effect being felt by their families, friends and communities.
Supporting so many people, means we provide supports around a broad range of areas – one reason, companies have chosen to work with us.

Something for Everyone

At Extern, we work with many of the people who find themselves on the margins of society. We support vulnerable people who are homeless or facing homelessness, people with addictions, people who are reintegrating into society after offending, children and young people who are facing difficult situations at home, refugees, and the Traveller community, enabling companies to choose to support one, or a variety of causes, which are close to the hearts of their staff.


Companies who work with us regularly tell us of the benefits they receive from our partnership. Not only do they know that they are helping to make a real difference in the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our society, they also tell us that their workforce feel the benefits in so many ways.

Having Extern as a charity partner or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partner, has helped companies to improve staff morale, increase productivity, and to communicate something about their ethos and values to their own clients.

Companies who have staff who appreciate their company’s CSR efforts, whether that be sponsoring a local football team, organising a youth village clean-up, or donating money or employee hours to good causes,see commitment to the company increasing, resulting in better engagement with their colleagues. It is also widely recognised that CST has a part to play in improved staff retention. Having a good profile in its community also increases a company’s ability to attract good talent.

New Found Confidence

Managers who have encouraged staff to fundraise for Extern, or help us on projects, have also noted that some colleagues develop a new found sense of confidence and stronger sense of place within their own team.
And we’re not surprised at that, as we see at first hand the difference their efforts make to the lives of the people we support.

Your support changes lives

Eir Business NI
Young people in Belfast, who are seeking help with a range of issues from self-harm to suicidal thoughts, loneliness, addiction and employment, are now able to express themselves and their worries by creating work and art on a range of digital equipment provided by EirBusiness NI.

Johnson and Perrott Fleet (Dublin)

In Tallaght, young people working with Extern will now be able to access improved employability and skills training, thanks to a fund created by Johnson and Perrott Fleet Dublin.

Platinum Financial

And people who are homeless or facing homelessness are being offered new opportunities as they move into their new Extern Home, as a result of Platinum Financial’s support for Extern Homes.

Partners with Pride

We are proud to be partners of companies who believe, and know, that they can make a difference in people’s lives. And we are proud to support them in turn in our social media and public relations activity.
None of us can ever know when we may need someone’s support. But we do know that we can provide it to others.

If you would like to have an initial chat with us around what we could achieve together, then please contact or call 00447483145845 / 00353861427543

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